Amit Eshet

Amit began to invest money in the capital market when he was 16. Over the years he also began to invest in real estate and run large businesses as an employee, and accumulated a large, unique body of knowledge of how to handle finances correctly.

On 2008, the year of the great financial crisis, Amit left his lucrative job and decided to grant as many people as possible his knowledge in the financial world, when the motto is: money makes money and anyone can do it.

In 2012, he was exposed to the digital book world on Amazon and was excitedly swept up in it, because he realized that this is the platform he’d been looking for: to spread his way and belief throughout the world and help as many as possible to improve their financial state.

Amit has several books on financial topics on Amazon.

At this point, the decision to start Simple Story with Sigalit was easy: the will to help, make it possible for and give everyone the ability to spread their truth, knowledge and dreams to the whole world at a significantly lower cost than in the traditional publishers’ market.

And aside from work: he travels the world a lot, and loves getting to know new people and cultures.

He is studying the topic of spirituality in depth from spiritual books and mentors in India, which he frequents visit.