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A digital book is a file, read on an electronic device. Unlike a printed book, a digital book on Amazon isn’t transferable and is always on the purchaser’s account. You can read a digital book on different devices like Kindle, an iPad, a smartphone or a computer. Among its advantages – price, cover and any content whatsoever can be changed quickly and with no extra charge. Saving costs, accessibility (anywhere in the world that has an internet connection), doesn’t wear out, you can easily mark places in the book or conduct a search.

Amazon is the largest online bookstore in the world, millions of people visit it and buy on it every day. It enables the authors who publish on it to receive royalties from their books directly to them and provides an excellent platform for anyone who has written a book to publish and expose his book to the entire world. This is your way of being an international author. It can provide you with additional income, international authority and the ability to spread your word to the world.

It can all be done alone and at no cost. We at Simple Story would be happy to help you shorten the process and share our vast experience with you. We have a variety of services at different prices that will help you publish a digital or printed book.

Amazon does enable every author to publish their book on their own, but this necessitates knowing and understanding the rules and conditions. Not every author is equipped with the technological know-how or time needed for this. We have experience from the dozens of books we’ve published on Amazon, ours and our clients’, and we could provide this service for you the best way we know how, along with some help in book promotion.

It’s impossible to tell. Only the audience will decide that, and there’s no way to tell whether the book you wrote with great effort will be a bestseller or not.

Our recommendation is to start with the kdp program on Amazon for 90 days, for the purpose of the book’s exposure to the world. Afterwards, and subject to Amazon’s rules you can publish on additional websites, as we do for clients who ask.

You and you only. According to the rules set by Amazon: you get 35% of the price for books whose price is up to $2.99 and 70% for books whose price is between $2.99 and $9.99. The money will be sent directly from Amazon to you.

No, we help every author with every type of book they want. Amazon has a separate department for digital books and for printed books. It’s certainly possible to put a printed book on Amazon as well, and they take care of printing it in the event of an order. There’s no need to print hundreds of copies in advance and store them. In Israel, we help authors print Hebrew books in small quantities as well.

One must ask and consult an accountant or tax advisor.

No, we are working with all kind of genres. For each genre we find the appropriate keywords and categories. The working methodology is the same for all books.

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