Every book requires editing, and even the most famous authors in the world are helped by an editor.

A good editor upgrades and improves your book, which is a very good investment for your book and for you as an author. It is the editor’s job to ensure that the book is written with a logical sequence in terms of story, characters, times, etc. For example, that the dialogue between characters sounds authentic.

In addition, they have to ensure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes. A good editor won’t be “nice” to the author. It is their job to provide comments and point out to the author inaccuracies in the book, and many times they cut whole pages, chapters even, which contribute nothing to the book.

At Simple Story, this process involves the author, and you have the right to decide which changes you agree to and which ones you don’t. After all, the book is yours.

We shall briefly elaborate on the editing process

Literary Editing

The editor examines the content or plot, the pace, the characterization, the dialogue, the structure and so on.


  • Do you have the necessary elements for a fascinating book (depending on the genre)?
  • Are your characters believable and describable?
  • Does the timing of your plot feel natural?
  • Is your description of the characters and times consistent?
  • How can you do it better? The editor provides specific suggestions for how you can improve your work.

Copy Editing

In copy editing, the grammar, spelling and sentence structure are checked and corrected.


  • Cutting out words that repeat themselves too many times.
  • Turning passive prose into active prose.
  • Ensuring that the sentence structure varies and has a good pace.
  • Ensuring that your words make sense, that you’re actually saying what you want to say.

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