POD (Print On Demand) Publishing

POD is a wonderful invention that benefits you, the author.

There’s no need to print thousands of copies and spend a lot of money out of your own pocket. All it takes is to put up a file that’s ready to print in accordance with Amazon rules and the limitations of the printing device. With POD, when a customer orders a book, Amazon prints and sends it to them, and you get to keep the royalties.

Nowadays 30% of the readers in the United States read digital books, which leaves you, the author, another 70% of the market for printed books. This way, the customer will be able to choose whether they want a printed or digital book.

Our recommendation for every author is to publish both a digital and a printed book on Amazon. This way, you cover the entire market.

Designing an Amazon-suited POD version of a book

Books on Amazon have their own design “language”. One must know the rules of publishing a book on Amazon in order for the book to look its best after printing. Amazon has book sizes and rules you have to comply with in order for the book to be published. We only operate in accordance with Amazon’s rules, of course.

Incorporating a cover

We professionally match the cover of the book to its written content, all according to Amazon’s rules and guidelines. A printed book has both a front and a back cover, and it takes professional knowledge in graphics to properly plan the book’s thickness and positioning of the covers, in order for the book to come out aesthetically pleasing and readable after printing.

Setting a price

In conjunction with you, the author, we’ll decide what’s the proper asking price for your book. It’s important to remember that thanks to the book being in a file and not printed in advance, you’ll always be able to alter it.

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