E-Book Publishing

Nowadays, it is possible to publish a book as a protected digital file that can’t be hacked.

The customer pays, and the book instantly reaches them as a file that can be read on their tablet, smartphone or computer.

The leading sales website is Amazon, but there are other sale platforms for e-books.

Designing a digital book suited for Amazon

Books on Amazon have their own design “language”. One must know the rules of publishing a book on Amazon in order for the book to look its best and suit the different devices on which it’s viewed. We will optimally match the book you wrote to the platform, for it to look as impressive as possible.

Searching for keywords and categories

In order for the maximum amount of people to reach your book, its keywords have to be carefully chosen and it has to be placed in the right categories. With the help of our experience, knowledge and professionalism and the use of smart tools, we’ll do this for you.

Creating an author’s page

It’s recommended for every author to introduce themselves by their book’s side. The author’s page includes a photograph, a short biography and additional links to videos, a blog, a website and more.

If there’s a printed book, we link both books to one account and every customer who enters the author’s page sees both of them.

Creating an author’s account

We will open an author’s account for you on Amazon, so Amazon will know where to wire the money to. Creating the account includes filling out a tax form, personal details and everything required.

Programming a digital file

For some books, it’s recommended to convert them to an epub or mobi format before putting them up for sale. We’ll do that for you.

Incorporating a cover

We professionally match the cover of the book to its written content, all according to Amazon’s rules and guidelines regarding the image size allowed.

Setting a price

In conjunction with you, the author, we’ll decide what’s the proper asking price for your book. It’s important to remember that thanks to the book being digital, you’ll always be able to alter it.

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