Book Marketing & Promotion

It’s time to let your book take flight!

You’ve put your heart and soul into writing the book and no one is buying it?

The professional guide you wrote could change the readers’ lives, so why is the book in such a distant place, not being promoted, and not on the 100 bestsellers list?

The illustrations are impressive, the story is about your grandchildren and yet no one enjoys the moral of it?

If these and similar questions bother you, you’re not alone

Many independent authors around the world grapple with these questions and remain helpless and with no knowledge of how to promote the book they’ve written. The frustration that more readers aren’t seeing and being exposed to their book is tremendous. To be frank, even book publishers don’t always manage to catch the reader’s eye and highlight the book they’re representing.

We’re sure you’ve asked yourself more than once: is there anything to do or is all lost?

No, not all is lost. There are things you can do in order to promote the book and take it all the way up to its rightful place at the top of Amazon. We’re happy to offer you a solution for your frustration. The solution you’ve been seeking and desiring for so long. And maybe you’re not frustrated, but it is important to you to reach more people all over the world, who will then be exposed to your creation or to the professional truth you want to spread throughout the world.

We have an excellent response for both of you.

We know how to take care of the book’s promotion and broad exposure on Amazon to new readers, who thirst for your book all over the world. We’ve developed sophisticated, ever-changing tools, that understand how the Amazon and Google search engines work, and with their help we can make your book fly high. Tens of thousands of readers will be exposed to your book, love it and download it. This way, you’ll realize your dream and your hidden but true ambition.

To reach thousands of homes and readers around the world who will enjoy your book. After all, if that’s not your ambition, why bother publishing a book?

We will help you make the dream come true.

Activity Gold Package Silver Package Junior Package
Towards the marketing campaign
Adding categories to the book + + +
Improving the book’s title and structure + + +
Achieving positive coverage 6+ 4+ 2+
Registering the book on free sites for more exposure +++ + +
Registering the book on paid sites for more exposure +++ ++ +
Changing the description of the book into a marketing-oriented one + + +
During the marketing campaign
Advertising on social media ++ +
Advertising the campaign on the internet ++ + +
Advertising on large mailing lists ++ +
Paid advertising on Amazon AMS for at least 14 days +
Our guarantee

Spot on FREE among all the books on Amazon
OR number of downloads on free days

At least TOP 300
OR at least 3,000 downloads

At least TOP 600
OR at least 500 downloads

At least TOP 1,100
OR at least 3rd place on two categories

* It’s important to remember that the promotion of the book is done for digital books that are in the KDP program and have free days.

* A crucial point: we don’t guarantee sales at a certain scope. We guarantee reaching all the places mentioned during the campaign which mean broad exposure for the book, but we can’t guarantee its sales later on. From our experience, at the end of the campaign (depending on the type of package), the book remains at a high rank for many days. The higher the book’s quality, the greater the chance that many will buy it and that its ranking will remain high.

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