Sigalit Eshet

A graphic artist, with over 20 years of experience in working with computers and various types of graphic software. During her professional career, she often worked with printing and publishing houses, including printing supervision in China for clients.

A mosaic artist, she makes art and teaches individuals and groups at her studio. Some of her works are sold on Etsy.com.

The combination of these two fields of knowledge, graphics and art, led her to write several books on the subject of mosaics which are being successfully sold for many years now.

With 7 books she’s written, Sigalit has taken over the field of mosaic-related books on Amazon.

She lives in a small village in Northern Israel, is married to Amit and a mother to 3 lovely grown-up children.

And aside from work: she loves to read, is curious and really loves helping others. That is the combination that drove her to start Simple Story.

She travels the world a lot and likes colors, music and butterflies in various colors.