Children’s book: The Pyramid Treasure, An adventure into a Tablet Game

Free fun facts book gift inside!

This interactive children’s book with two versions:

Long version with Did You Know. For ages 7-12 years, and Short version for ages 4-6 years or self-read for older children. Is about a fascinating adventure that children and a puppy find themselves on.

How did their adventure begin? Sebastian receives a Tablet PC game called “The Pyramid Treasure”. He’s not sure if it’s a birthday gift or a Christmas gift, or where it came from. Before long he and his best friend, Jenny, are playing and without warning they are teleported into the game; into the Great Pyramid.

What will they find? How will they get back home? And what does a young puppy have to do with the story? Read on to find out!

This book is the first in a series of digital children’s books written by E. Rochman, centered on discovery and general knowledge for youngsters. All facts that accompany the exciting adventure story have been researched and are accurate.

Here are a few features you can expect from this valuable addition to Kindle:

  • An exciting and thrilling adventure story.
  • Two versions to choose from. The first is an interactive book for children aged 7 to 11 years old, and the second has been written to appeal to children aged 4 to 6 years old.
  • Parents and children can enjoy their reading experience together, and older children learning to read can gain reading practice by reading alone.
  • Both versions serve to enrich the lives of children by providing them with knowledge both historic and scientific.
  • Valuable information incorporated into the story via Did-You-Know points.


When you purchase either version you will receive an additional book of facts on Ancient Egypt, absolutely free

Grab your copy and let’s go to the Pyramid adventure!