How Kabbalistic Numerology Can Help Maintain a Relationship?

This is a guide to life!

With endless giving and listening from the heart, Kabbalistic numerologist Ziona Aviram clarifies the meaning of letters and numbers that make up a person’s birth chart for the individual who comes to her for advice. Many stories have piled up on her desk, and she shares some of them with us here.

The book How Kabbalistic Numerology Can Help Maintain a Relationship? offers a glimpse into the lives of people, their stories, and the challenges they face – and shows how Kabbalistic numerology clarifies the picture, sharpens the elements, and highlights the strengths of the individual.

Through guidance and comprehensive analysis of an individual’s birth map, the barriers and solutions are revealed, and the tools that will enable the individual to choose the path of his life in a direction favorable to him are supplied and grab a copy today!