Proactive Parenting for Potty Training: A unique approach & effective step-by-step guide for potty training babies & toddlers

Delayed toilet training comes at a heavy price!

Man considers himself to be the crown of creation. Yet, ironically, man is the only being whose offspring walk around for years immersed in their excreta. Up until the invention of the disposable diaper, toddlers used to be toilet trained at about one year of age. Nowadays, they continue to wear diapers until the age of two, three, or even four! This delay comes at a price: harm to the physical and mental health of toddlers and parents, and damage to the family budget and the environment.

Streamline the process with your child and reap the benefits!

Multiple books have been written about toilet training, but this unique volume breaks away from prevailing conventions and reveals the causes behind the harmful tendency to postpone training. It offers parents a practical and proven method for weaning toddlers off diapers at an early age, resulting in enhanced hygiene, health, and self-confidence for their toddlers and an infinitely more pleasant parenting experience.