THE POWER OF DREAMS: in the kindergarten

Imagine that with the power of dreams you can help your child deal with problems in his life.
The problem of most kids at night is fears of different things and the difficulty of falling asleep alone.
We as parents are having difficulty to talk sensibly with our children and explain to them that their fears are only in their imagination.
Does your child have fears at night, and have trouble falling asleep at night alone?
This is an adventure of a boy named Romi.
He looks just like all the other kids,
But Romi has a special power called the Power of Dreams.
With the Power of Dreams, he comes to his kindergarten and reveals the secret of the toy that protects children at night.
This charming, rhyming story will help your child understand that through dreams, they can go anywhere and make the choice to dream good dream.
You should buy this book so you can help your children to overcome their fears at night and understand that what scares them at night is just in their imagination.