The Secret of Big A (Embracing the ABC with Love Book 1)

The Secret of Big A is the first in a series of 27 books that will help your children learn the English alphabet, while taking them on a magical journey through the world of letters! The books adopt a learning method based on the view of Prof. Gerhard Roth, an esteemed neurologist.

“Embracing the ABC with Love” series offer:

  • Implications and teasers to stimulate children and spark their interest in the entire series of books;
  • Letter-shaped objects (both uppercase and lowercase), floating trains and a BIG SECRET, revealed only in the last book, to engage our little readers and keep them amused
  • A creative way of learning and absorbing new information

Children get:

  • Command over the English alphabet as a by-product of reading an interesting story
  • A great preparation for their primary education
  • Less stress while passing from preschool to school
  • Learning habits developed naturally, rather than being forced upon them
  • A positive experience that they will have fond memories of

You want to help your children learn?

These books do more than that! Get them and help your children fall in love with learning!