The S.O.U.L’s World: Science Fiction adventure

The S.O.U.L’s World – Science Fiction adventure:
Facing the possibility of a cosmic disaster hitting planet earth and with the will of preserving the human race & civilization, a multitude of spaceships, each carry a singular passenger, are being sent to outer space in the hope that in a few years’ time, they will all unite in a specific location. There, they will form independent colonies with no financial nor existence cares.

But apparently, reality is not as it was predicted by the forefathers…and now the story begins, a science Fiction adventure.

“The project centers around what we call a S.O.U.L., which stands for “Sustainable Omni functional Unit of Life Support”. It’s basically a spaceship for a single individual with a thousand megaspace of power. That means it has enough energy to keep it going for a thousand years…”