Encounters of Fate

Amidst the celebrations of Independence Day in Israel, a passionate encounter prompts two young people to tell their stories of heartbreak and hope through the Jewish Holocaust. As they tell of family breakdowns through the turbulence of World War II, the horrors of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, and the hope of freedom in the yet-to-be-established state of Israel, we read time and time again of strange twists of destiny.

Encounters of Fate tells about encounters between young people and the romance that grows despite the wars and difficulties they experience. It relays a multi-faceted exploration of the Jewish experience through the horrors and the hope of the Holocaust and the post-war years in which there were still challenges to be met. The struggle against the British, the War of Independence, and the establishment of a new state are explored through personal tragedy mixed in with the political and social issues in this gripping read that will surprise as much as it satisfies.