In Her Own Way: Love and life between wars

The happy life of Michal, a young and lively nurse from Kibbutz Degania, is suddenly turned upside down when she is widowed in the Yom Kippur War.
The story of her painful adolescence, from the Six Day War up until the Lebanon War, is an allegory of the maturing of the country. Through the stories that she weaves of three generations – her parents’ generation, her own generation and that of her children – the author describes, with great sensitivity, the adrenaline-filled life in Israel in that epoch. Through deep and sharp observation of complex family relationships, the loves, desires, moral dilemmas and deep friendships of her characters, she exposes a nation, most of whose inhabitants appear to suffer from post-traumatic syndrome. Nevertheless, they do not lose their optimism, and are all the while searching for the path through which they can achieve peace with themselves and perhaps even with their environment.