Many times authors address me and say: “I have written a book, published it & it’s great, I only have one problem – it is not selling enough”. They continue with “truthfully, I have given up, I want to earn money of my book, but I don’t know what else I can do”.

Sounds familiar?

We here at ‘Simple Story’ think & believe there is a lot more to do to manage to earn money from your book sales, the book can be a digital or a printed book or any other knowledge-based product you have created.

Our starting point being that it is edited well with a great looking cover and overall a quality product you have created.

Here are the 6 significant ways to profit from any book:

  1. A Printed Book

    Did you make sure you have enough printed copies? Many times here at ‘Simple Story’ we meet independent authors who published a digital book and think that ‘they did it all’ by that. You have to keep in mind that digital books are a growing market and in the US it’s close to 30% of sales, but don’t be confused, 70% of sales are still of printed copies. Amazon has a ‘Print on Demand’ system, meaning you don’t have to have a costly stock of books in storage. You upload your book to this system and a client can order a printed copy and Amazon takes care of the printing & delivery. In conclusion, don’t pass the option of having a printed copy.

  2. A Digital Book

    You have written an excellent book and you arranged to print it and to sell it on various marketing channels, on which we will discuss on a separate post. But did you consider publishing your book on a digital platform? It is a growing trend for a number of years now. You cannot pass on digital marketing & sales platforms. The Facebook-smartphones generation is also purchasing online eBooks.In conclusion, have you written a book? Let us, ‘Simple Story’, help you transform it into an international book and you into an international author. Digital books are the future of literature.

  3. Audio Books

    In recent years, there is a growing demand for audiobooks. It is not right for every book, but for most niches it is. To a photographer who composed a book with aerial shots it is not right but for a romantic novel or a children’s book, it is a very suitable platform. The world today is frantic and people don’t have time or patience, they drive long to work, spend (or suffering) hours of running and going to the gym and more of them consume information by hearing.
    Remember, we at ‘Simple Story’ publishing work with the international market and not just focusing on the Israeli market, which has different criteria. The translations and preparations are done for us by professional with English mother-tongue language. In conclusion, ask yourself if your book is suitable to be an audio book and if it is, don’t miss out on that profitable channel.

  4. Video Version for Your Book

    Similar to the audio books, this option is not suitable for every book. If you wrote a guide on how to make sugar dough cakes – why not film it as a tutorial guide & sell it? if you wrote a book on how to create polymer clay jewelry – why not film it and use your knowledge as a source for another income? In conclusion, video clips are suitable mainly for professional how-to guides.

  5. In what language your Book is written in?

    We all know English written books are very popular, but not just English, what other possible languages we can communicate in (Chinese & Japanese are harder for us):
    Spanish – more than 20 countries worldwide speak Spanish.
    Germany – one of the most evolved books markets worldwide.
    French and many others, at least, those who Amazon has opened separate websites on. Amit Eshet, the co-founder of ‘Simple Story’, has translated his Hebrew written book: ‘Maya & Daniel Do Business’ into English, Spanish & German and each month they sell on Amazon. In conclusion, do you want to profit from your book? Check if your line of expertise and your subject fit other countries & languages.

  6. Complementary Products Based on Your Book

    Many books convey ideas, themes, thoughts and a way of life.
    Did you ever consider how they can be transformed into complementary products?
    If your book is about an alternative lifestyle, make some complementing treatment cards based on the book’s illustrations and idea. Have you written a book about the tooth fairy? Create bed sheets based on the characters of the book. Are you an internet marketing expert? A mouse pad with some strong messages from your book will do the trick. In conclusion, it takes some creative thought on how you can transform your book into a well-oiled sales machine of accompanying products, it’s possible and many other writers do that.

We here at ‘Simple Story’ believe that you can earn money from books. It’s possible that you wrote your book in order to offer the world some of your knowledge & vision and that is awesome, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot profit from the hard work already invested.

Please note that all that is written here applies also to every knowledge-based product such as educational courses & lectures as other examples.

We believe that with a different way of thinking, a small financial investment and the belief in the quality of your book, you can deliver your messages to the whole world in a wide range of methods and it’s true to digital & printed books alike.

We are here and we will be happy to assist you.