We at ‘Simple Story’ publishing often encounter the questions: can my book succeed on Amazon? Should I publish a printed book or a digital book or both?

I’m sure these questions trouble you too, and in this post I will offer you some points to think about that will help you succeed.

Let’s start with the ‘simple’ question: what is a success?

Everyone measure success differently and each cause has a different way to follow in order to reach your goals. I will show you several success options and you decide which one you want to accomplish.

Make Money, Here & Now

A very legitimate cause, and on my blog ‘How to earn money’ I offer a few ideas on how to do so. There are numbers of companies worldwide that do sponsored promotion for writers on Amazon and distribute their books, on free days or regular pricing, to a large number of subscribers.  One of the leading companies is ‘BookBub’. The payment on different companies varies from a few dollars to a hundred of dollars per one ad. This option is suitable to the writer who believes his book will sell well through massive promotion (not always happening), and his royalties will be high enough to cover the costs with an excess profit.

This doesn’t fit a writer with other purposes, or the risk on this one-time investment is too high.

It’s important to understand that even if on the book’s publish date it will sell nicely and in large amounts usually in a number of weeks the book drops in the sales rankings.

Becoming an Authority

For many, the purpose of book publishing on their line of expertise is the public acknowledgment of their knowledge. For them, the ones who carry themselves in public, it’s easy to stand on a podium and present themselves in a few words including the emphasis on them being successful international authors; this is the success they are looking for.

Grant the World a Value of Your Knowledge

For professionals & people who have gone through a personal different experience, success is the ability to present the world their knowledge, their unique story. They mostly know that they might not make a lot of money, but it is important for them that their message will be echoing around the world.

Orit Chucho-Shulim, an educational expert, attuned to the success of each student and caring for children with ADHD, has published a charming children’s book with the help of ‘Simple Story’, with it, she send her professional message in a way children & parents can relate to easily.

Building a Mailing List

For many around the world, the digital book is only one part of their multiple activities. For example, T. Harv Eker who is running courses & workshops all over the world, he is using his books as another manner to deliver his message and gather interested parties.

As I have written on my post on mailing lists, the list can be a serious leverage of selling additional products to your subscribers besides books. For many, one of the most important measures of success is expanding the list.
Amit Eshet, co-founder of ‘Simple Story’ publishing, uses his mailing list to promote his methods & techniques on all that is related to the world of finance. Amit runs mailing lists for subscribers locally & abroad.

Leaving a Memory Forever

A digital book will remain online until they will invent something new, which will probably take a few decades. For many, success is to publish their family legacy like a book written by a member of the family who passed away etc. their success is measured by the gratitude & tribute to that family member who is no longer part of our physical world.

Universal Person wanted his story heard worldwide, and we at ‘Simple Story’ were happy to help him with the task.

Hobby & Amusement

Many are excited by the opportunity to publish their written creation, no matter whether it’s a guide book, a children’s book or a romantic novel, worldwide. The thought of them being in little Israel and the whole world could be exposed to their creation is extremely appealing to them. For those people, if a person in Brazil and another in Canada purchase their book, it’s a measure of recognition & pride. That is a success to them.


I have reviewed here several different definitions of success.

Of course there is no such thing as right or wrong, each person needs to define for himself what he sees as a success after his book is published.

And no matter what you chose, and off course you can define several different goals, in all of them you will have good sales and profits. The difference could be in a number of sales and that, of course, depends on the form of promotion you will choose.

The form of promotion will be defined, of course, by your definition of success.

All that is left for me to do now is to wish you the best of luck, and we at ‘Simple Story’ will be happy to continue to help you succeed and to answer any question you may have.