On your author page, of course.

I am constantly amazed when I visit Amazon. I find an interesting book with an excellent title, read the description, it sounds intriguing and then when I want to know:

Who wrote that book?

I Scroll down and reach an empty author page…

Make sense? Not at all and even silly & does harm for this writer.

An author page has many advantages, among them:

  1. It is the place to tell your readers who you are, what your mission is and why you bother writing books in the first place. Don’t be modest! This is the place to celebrate, praise & promote yourself. Even more, it is the place to convince the reader in buying your book.
    Perhaps, due to a personal experience or by events prior to the book (for example grandchildren stories in a children’s book), and perhaps due to public recognition earned and more, readers’ likes to know who wrote the book – let them know.
  2. You can endorse yourself, let readers know what else you can give them, refer them to a Facebook page or your website, give them access & closeness to you along with a feeling that an actual human being is there behind the book.
  3. A link to your own books catalog.

If you don’t have a website or an English advertisement platform, your author page link is an excellent way to refer your readers to.

Why? Because it leads your readers straight to the list of all your published books and to your story about yourself; as writers, we want a reader to buy not only one of our books but as many as possible. As soon as I refer them to my author page, they will be exposed to my entire books catalog on Amazon.

Technically, on each Amazon website (Com, De, UK etc.) you need to open a new author page and that is opposed to the books themselves that Amazon makes sure to publish on all websites.

So, don’t be lazy, invest some thoughts on words, images, and make sure all is written well and publish an author page with links to all of your books.

Actions will progress you to results. 

Good luck on your next book publishing, we here at ‘Simple Story’ will be happy to help you to become an international author.