A subject that occupies a lot of children books writers is choosing an illustrator.

Illustrations are an inseparable part of the story.  The characters, emotions, ambiances and each expression, background & color matter.

I remember how in my book, ‘Maya & Daniel Do Business’, the story got an added meaning once I’ve started receiving the illustrations.

How to Choose an Illustrator? 

  • You can find a local Israeli illustrator or possibly one from abroad through the Upwork website, (formally Odesk), communicating in a native language is obviously easier but on the other hand, the price is mostly irrationally expensive. You can find an illustrator abroad on a decent budget, starting from $2 up to $200 per sketch, where in Israel the range is more like between 500 to 1000 NIS per sketch.
  • You have to ask to see samples & make sure you like the style of the sketches. There are different & diverse styles and it’s important they are according to your taste & how you would like your book to look like.
  • Check for availability, ask & make sure the illustrator can provide you with all the necessary illustrations on a decent time frame, also, never pay in advance more than a sum for one-two sketches.

How to work with an Illustrator?

  • Send him a clear description of the main characters of the book and ask for a black & white sketch for them.
  • Once the characters are approved by you, send him 2-3 first scenes from the book, once you get them review them for approval.
  • Send over all the scenes, still ask for black & white sketches.
  • After you have approved all sketches ask him for coloring.
  • When deciding whether you use one of the sketches for the book cover or have one custom-made, I feel you should choose one of the existing sketches, no need for another order.

In conclusion, you need to take the time when choosing an illustrator.
In children’s books illustrations are a crucial part of the book and you shouldn’t take any ‘short cuts’ and choose something out of lack of choice. In addition, you need to consider that the work with the illustrator could be long & exhausting, plus the choosing process takes time, but you shouldn’t compromise – it’s important your book is done the way you wanted!

We here at ‘Simple Story’ provide also illustrations service for our clients. During the work process, we stay in touch with the illustrator & offer you professional advice, but all definitions, decisions & choices are the author’s himself.

Wishing you the best of luck, and we are here for you for any question you may have.

A short email to us ([email protected]) and you have someone to consult with.

Good luck choosing your illustrator,



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